DOKO MOMO is the first Restaurant in Nepal that offers a customer loyalty program to recognize our valued most-frequent customer. Our Loyalty Program enables our most-frequent customers to earn and redeem award Points and enjoy DOKO MOMO Free Meal Program on all your orders. On top of that, you are able to build your Loyalty Members Statuses like Silver, Gold, and Platinum and enjoy the benefits of the additional value of your award point and a special treat on your birthday. 

How does it work?

We offer the following categories of Loyalty member programs. Once you are subscribed to the Loyalty member program, you will earn your award points in every order and redeem them for your next orders. Additionally, your award points keep on adding to upgrade your Loyalty member statuses. Upgrade your Loyalty member status earning mentioned points and enjoy the added value of your points in our Silver, Gold, and Platinum Loyalty member.

Member TypeRequired PointsRedemption ValidityPoints Value NPRMember Status Validity
Member01 – Month1P = 3 NPR6 Months
Silver201 – Month1P = 5 NPR6 Months
Gold301 – Month1P = 7 NPR6 Months
Platinum 501 – Month1P = 10 NPR6 Months
  1. For each order of 350.00 NPR, you will earn 2 points.
  2. Redeem your award points within a month from the date of purchase to avoid expiration of your award points.. If the award point is expired, you can no longer redeem your points. Your award points will be valid for a month from the date of purchase. Make sure to redeem it before the expiry date.
  3. Use your award point on checkout. The system will show your total value in NPR which applies as a discount in your total billed amount according to your member type. For example: General Member earns 1 point = 3 NPR, Silver Member earns 1 point = 5 NPR, Gold Member earns 1 point = 7 NPR, and Platinum Member earns 1 point = 10 NPR.
  4. Your earned Membership status will continue even if you have used your award points in your order. However, to maintain your Membership status, you should be able to maintain your required points within 6 months from the date your member status was upgraded. If you are not able to maintain your Membership status points, then you will be downgraded one level bellow than your current membership type. For example, if you become a Platinum member on 10th June 2020, your PLATINUM member facilities will be valid till 9th December 2020 which is 6 months. To maintain your PLATINUM member status you should earn 50 points within 6 months. In case you would not be able to earn 50 points in 6 months, then your membership status will be downgraded to Gold and will be valid for the next 6 months.